Infants / Toddlers / Preschool

Above & Beyond Learning Learning Center uses the High Scope Curriculum for their infants, toddlers and preschool.

In a High Scope program teachers support children’s natural desire to be active learners. Creating an active learning environment for infants and toddlers means consciously considering all their needs — their social and emotional, physical, cognitive, and sociolinguistic needs.

We facilitate interactive programs and care services:

  • Fostering curiosity in the infant
  • Creating opportunities for socialization
  • Playtime
  • Activities that boost cognitive and motor skills

The principles of active learning guide the decisions infant-toddler caregivers make about:

  • Adult-child interaction
  • Arrangement of the room and physical environment
  • Daily schedules and routines
  • Observations and planning for children
  • Tummy Time

(Ages 3-4 years old)

Our pre-school program is geared towards preparing your child for kindergarten.
We facilitate age appropriate activities that keep kids actively engaged in the learning process.