June 2024

GSRP Program

What is GSRP?

Great Start Readiness Program
Funding: State of Michigan Funded Preschool Program

7.5 hours per day
Transportation is available

Staff Requirements:

  • Lead Teacher: Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Development or Childhood Development
  • Associate Teacher: Associate Degree in Child Development, Early Childhood or Child Development Certificate (CDA)
  • 3rd Caregiver (Needed if the enrollment exceeds 16 (18 maximum)

Recruitment & Enrollment (Eligibility)

  • Risk Factors: Students are selected based on income and factors in their life that place them at risk for academic failure.
  • Two home visits per child, per school year are required
  • Two parent-teacher conferences per school year are required

Classroom Environment

  • License: Without current violations
  • Great Start to Quality Rating: Minimum of 3 ratings required

Classroom Routine

  • Schedule: School day (7 hours minimum daily)
  • Sign-in sheets: Required daily, students must be signed in and out
  • Family Style Meals: Program requirement for student meals


  • High Scope or Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum

Child Assessment

  • Screening – Ages & Stages required on home visits
  • On-Line Tools – COR (High Scope) or Gold (T.S.) Creative Curriculum

Program Assessment:

  • On-Line Program Quality Assessment

Early Childhood Specialist:

  • Master Degree in Early Childhood and Classroom Environment and High Scope Certified


  • Funds are used to support a high quality classroom, i.e., materials, staff, location, utilities, professional development, etc. Finds restrictions include clothing for students, clowns, gifts, birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, etc.

Required paperwork for GSRP preschool application:

  • Birth certificate or proof of birth.
  • Verification/documentation of all family income (parents/guardians supporting child) such as last year’s tax return or 3 current pay stubs, among other information vaccination Records (Immunizations), health appraisal, and a valid State Id or Driver Licenses

2023 Poverty Guidelines

All of the above information is necessary to determine eligibility. Your information will help us to determine your child’s placement. Your information can be mailed or delivered to:

Above & Beyond Learning Child Care GSRP
Attn: Donna White
19731 Van Dyke, Detroit, Mi 48234
Phone 313-892-6062
Fax 313-731-8802